Our Mission

Creating unique and sustainable space for all. 

At Orlynbock Design, we seek to create a world that benefits our future generations, and being sustainable is our passion. We love sharing this passion with others, and strive to make this lifestyle accessible to all. By utilizing our past knowledge of construction, architecture, and science, we design spaces and buildings that are healthy, more resource efficient, constructed well, and affordable. In the end,its not just about designing a building, but crafting a space that is both deeply beneficial to users,the community, and the planet as a whole.


Parker Lyon Brock


Parker has a passion for both designing and helping the world, and his mission to bring these two together has been his career goal.  With an eclectic background in various jobs throughout his life, Parker finds ways to harness those skills to sharpen his architectural game.  Whether it is the practical carpentry knowledge, to abstract ideas generated in graduate school, to traveling the world and learning about other cultures; all have served to make him a well rounded design professional.   

His love of nature evolved at an early age, appreciating the peace and serenity of settings such as a deciduous forest, prairie path, or a snowy alpine can grant.  Upon learning that these priceless landscapes and ecosytems are fragile and not to be taken for granted, he vowed to be a steward of the environment.  

Above all, Parker values his personal belief system very highly, not just for greater world causes, but also simply how to carry oneself professionally.  His diligence and persistence to get the job done right at all costs has been a constant theme throughout his work life, and Parker never hesitates to jump into the heart of the problem.


When not practicing architecture, Parker likes to always be exploring the world or creating things, and you can often times find him in the nearby wilderness with his dog sidekick, Percy.