ORLYNBOCK DESIGN is a sustainable focused architecture studio based in Chicago. 

We provide green design and eco-friendly options for your projects, and we work with you to create the healthiest environment possible.  

Our focus is designing residential and small commercial spaces.  We utilize our construction experience to deliver a working design for you that will be ensured to be built correctly, the first time. 


With a background and basis in architecture and environmental design, as well as being LEED certified, Orlynbock Design rises to the challenge builders and designers have in creating a world for both current and future generations.  Ecological design, green design, or sustainable design, means that all the parts of a project integrate and compliment our natural environment, not hinder it.  This is the basis for everything we do. 

Not only are Orlynbock Design licensed architects, but we have extensive experience in the construction as well.  We like to get our hands dirty- literally. From the ground up, to the finish nail, we have over 10 years of building experience.  What does this do for your bottom line?  Everything.  We provide an additional level of quality that most firms cannot offer, as well as guide you through the pitfalls of building your house or space.  

We see green in other ways too. How can you keep costs down on your project and still have a quality designed and custom built space?  By having control over the budget from the start, you get a transparent first look at what the costs will be, with no surprises halfway through the project.  Our experience with establishing and running estimation programs for construction firms gives us unique insight into pricing models.  We help take the mystery out of the process. 

Porch Addition

Remodels, small additions, large additions, new construction, coffee shops and other small boutique spaces; our architects want to help you fit into your space in the best way possible.  We provide you with everything from simple design services, to help with getting permit drawings, all the way to full construction sets.   

Is the home or office you live in the best for your health?  Is reusing your exiting building the best way to be sustainable?  See how green architecture and design can increase the livability and health of your indoor environments, be sustainable for the future, yet still be affordable.  

Mobile Steel Planters
Teak furniture

Would you like to have your home, office, or restaurant stand out from the rest of the crowd?  See what we have produced inside of our fabrication studio and co-workshop.  We work from projects of all sizes to add custom wood, steel, and other materials to make furniture unique to your project, while always striving to re use materials to be less wasteful. 



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Get the lowdown on when and why you need a building permit in Chicago.  


"I hired Parker to design a porch for a building in the city and would highly recommend him. He has been completely professional, prompt and made himself available throughout the entire process. Thanks to his architectural skills/knowledge, following up on city codes and taking charge of the permit process, he has made it a simple process for me."

 - Edwin Morales

"I had the pleasure to work with Parker in designing a layout for a condo rehab. During the process, he was very responsive via email and phone, and the turn around time for the updated layouts were hours, not days. I found Parker to be professional, affordable, and timely."

-  RJ Argumedo