The Workshop

Crafting custom objects to enhance your space

At Orlynbock Design, we have a history of working directly with the building materials.    

Our custom designed furniture provides another means of making your project unique, sustainable, and a reflection of your individual style.  Instead of tired old designs from a magazine, enrich your space with a custom piece!  

We maintain our sustainable roots in our designs, and practice fabrication which reuses existing or discarded objects.  This upcycling, is a perfect creative way to help ebb the flow of unneeded rubbish to our collective landfills.  

Custom Crafted

We work with a variety of local shops to produce custom one-off designs that will make your space stand out from the rest of the crowd.  The projects below are all examples of materials that have been reused and upcycled in some way, thus saving much waste that would otherwise go in the landfill.  


In this unique installation piece, we look at the individual component, a clothespin, to make up an elegant fabric.


Custom furniture for commercial applications is a great way to display your products and brands!


Reuse of discarded steel is a creative way to be green and provide function.


We are all about reusing materials.  This bookshelf which doubles as a room divider, was made from 100% reclaimed.

Magazine Rack

With simple and elegant design, we can make a unique piece for your spaces!


We work across material boundaries, often mixing wood with steel, plastic, or other recycled materials.  


Outdoor pieces like these mobile planters can give a sense of nature, and also serve to create space on your porch. 

Home Items

Need something handcrafted? We can make simple pieces like this redwood cutting board for your kitchen. 


Material cutoffs and scraps from the shop or jobsite can be utilized, just like in this drop ceiling for a conference room.

Designing and building has been in our DNA since day one.  If there is something on your mind, let us know, and we can get the conversation started on how to best serve your needs.