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Apartment Farming!

Great things have small beginnings.

On the follow up to my last post, I got the green thumb bug, and decided to see what kind of work goes into growing crops.  This is just the first humble beginning, but I already find myself putting great care into every aspect of these 5 crops.  Purchased at a local garden center, I selected 5 vegetables that would make a fresh summer salad: Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot, Lettuce, and Jalepeno. Sticking to my upcycling theme, I used an 18 case egg carton to plant the seedlings, with the top acting as a mini-greenhouse.  It truly is amazing to see something come to life from the size of the tip of a pencil, to one day be a meal. 

Now at the end of Summer, as it is harvest season, I have had the chance to eat the fruits of my labor. The little container garden has produced nearly 5 salads, countless lettuce for toppings, and fresh salsa. The latter got the welcome and praise from many who tasted it.

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