What we do at Orlynbock

What does an architect do?

Simply put, architects design buildings and spaces. Just like a carpenter is an expert with wood, and a doctor with medicine, architects are the experts in the field of building design. 


As design professionals, we are trained to work with you, the client, to brainstorm ideas, envision spaces, foresee obstacles, and help you achieve your ideal space.  

We take these ideas, and create detailed technical drawings which are then communicated to the contractor, who is responsible for building the project.  Finally, we are responsible for the safety, health, and welfare of all inhabitants by adhering to the appropriate local codes.    

Services We Offer

We are multi faceted at Orlynbock Design- If you have a vision, we can help you to create it!  From unique installations to a small room remodel to a complete custom project, we want to hear your exciting ideas, and help you to make them a reality.  We can pay close attention to the intimate details of the project, from a napkin sketch all the way to the final coat of paint.  


Hand drawn sketches, planning diagrams, physical and virtual 3D models, we can help put your ideas into a physical form that embodies your vision, and get you involved in the process. 


With over 15 years experience both designing and building residential projects; remodels to new construction, we look at the intimate details of your home, and design it around you.    


From small office buildouts, to restaurant remodels, to niche bars with custom pieces, we want to help you build your business with a space that stands out from the rest of the crowd.  

green design

Is the building you are living in healthy?  We can both advise on ways to make your indoor environment more livable, less energy dependent, save money, and still look great!


We work in close collaboration with a variety of local shops, and can custom design and build your furniture or custom pieces to order.  All add unique one-of-a-kind touches to your space.  


Do you simply need help navigating the construction process, or would like a second opinion on your design? We can help advise you from the budget all the way to the finish details.


We can transform your interiors to fit your needs and your style.  From small rooms to whole floors.  


From simple porch additions, to 3 season rooms, to fully enclosed spaces, make your building shine!

Full Structure

Desiging new construction from the ground up.  We will work with you from start to finish.  

Ready to work with us to get your ideas onto paper, and get your project rolling? 

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