Giving Back

Orlynbock's pledge to the environment

We were founded on the principles of good stewardship to both the environment- and the land we hand down to future generations.  At Orlynbock Design, we take a hard look at how each of our design decisions affects the greater whole.  We look at each and every project holistically, ensuring the space is both healthy and functional for both the inhabitants and surroundings.  Our version of eco-architecture is one that will benefit the environment and the economy, and still be accessible.  


As architects dedicated to healthy and livable communities, and guided by scientific consensus and reason, we advocate for action on climate change.  Join Us>

Sustainable Design Services

Orlynbock Design looks at the whole picture when designing a building or other project.  We are not content to just give your the minimum, but rather a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, and ecologically integrated building in the end.  Below is a list of just some of the services we offer in this regards.  

healthy building

We consult with you during design to see what are some efficient fixtures to purchase, how to maintain your house at optimum energy efficiency, and what to do with issues like air infiltration.  We will also assist you with obtaining the interior look you desire, while paying special attention to materials to ensure the health of all occupants is taken into consideration. 

Holistic Design

With this level of service, we will plan all aspects of the building to minimize impacts on the local environment, and maximize energy efficiency.  We will look at time tested design methods such as proper building orientation, utilizing local microclimate conditions, xeriscaping, passive solar techniques, and many others.  

leed certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.   When a building is 'LEED Certified' it has passed the standard set forth by a government agency.  This is obtained through careful documentation of the project, as well as planning.  In the end, With a LEED certified building, your return on investment will increase greatly over the lifetime of the building.    


We work closely with experts of ecologically driven landscape design.  Integrating sustainable landscaping into the building from the start is a very important way to be green.  Consider features such as green roofs, xeriscaping, and vertical gardens.  

going solar

Going solar can seem a daunting and very expensive task, but with today's incentives, costs of solar panels dropping, and plethora of qualified installers, the job can be done much easier than before.  Read more to see what is required to get started. 

saving green

Interested to see how you can be saving money by being more eco-friendly?  Read more on our tips and techniques that you can apply everyday.  

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What is sustainable design?

Sustainable by definition is something that will continue indefinitely in its present course of action.  A virgin forest, for example, left untouched and to its own devices, will continue to maintain an equilibrium with its surroundings; flora, fauna, and other factors. Sustainable design, green design, or eco architecture, refers to how a building or other space can form an equilibrium with its natural environment, and continue in that way indefinitely.  

Why do we care?

We want to ensure future generations have access to the same quality of life and rich diversity we currently enjoy.   In a world with limited resources, we must strive to maintain an equilibrium with our environment, ensuring that our building materials are carefully used and considered.  This is imperative if we are to survive and flourish.    

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How can we help?

There are a multitude of little things everyone can do to ensure we are running smoothly with the world around us.   Simple things like turning your thermostat down in the Summer, or using public transportation go a long way.   Orlynbock Design is dedicated to helping with this cause, and can help you keep your costs down and your energy consumption at a minimum.   See other ways on how you can start to make a difference by clicking below.

Case Studies
Solar Decathlon Element


Solar Decathlon

Orlynbock Design has first-hand experience in working with a fully functional solar house.  Over the course of 2 years, this house was both designed and then built with fellow colleagues at the University of Illinois.  In the end, the solar house won 2 categories, and is now on display on the university grounds for all to observe.  The lessons learned in this prototype house serve Orlynbock in many of its current sustainable design decisions.  Check out more from the national website: